Draft Dominator: How to Jump Straight Into a Mock Draft

How to run a mock draft immediately without importing any leagues or managing settings.

Want to run a mock draft without importing leagues or adjusting a bunch of settings? We have you covered. One of our goals when updating and developing the Draft Dominator is to consider every potential use case. That’s why we added the “Mock Draft Immediately” option in 2020. This allows you to skip all of the setup and jump right into a standard mock draft at position 1.01.

Note: We recommend using Google Chrome or the mobile or desktop apps to get the best experience with the Draft Dominator.

Getting Started

The first step to unlocking the power of the Draft Dominator is logging into your Footballguys account. Simply enter your existing username and password. If you don’t already have an account, create one by selecting register.

Mock Draft Immediately

Once you've logged into your account and have launched the Draft Dominator, first-time users should see the following screen:

If you don’t see this screen, click on Switch Draft at the top right (Chrome/desktop). On mobile, tap the draft gears icon on the bottom right, then tap the blue Switch To Another Daft button at the top, as shown below:

Select the Mock Draft Immediately option and you will be dropped straight into a standard mock draft, selecting first overall by default. This is a great way to simply run a mock draft and get an idea of how a real draft might go in the future, without having to set up or import any real leagues. To change the draft order or your draft position (or any other settings you wish to adjust), go to the Draft Settings button at the top of the screen (Chrome/desktop) or via the draft gears icon on mobile, then select the Teams & Draft Order option.

If you need help or more information, head to the More menu (top right on desktop, bottom right on mobile), and select Help and Support. And as always, thanks for being a part of Footballguys!

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