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Rankings Change: Superflex

The biggest change in this year’s ranking compared to year’s past is the switch to ranking for the Superflex format. It seems the vast majority of Devy leagues are also Superflex these days, so it makes sense to put the rankings together specific to that format.

For those who are in non-Superflex leagues, the advice is to pass on drafting any quarterbacks other than the top three. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields make sense in the 8-14 range, depending upon team need, and Trey Lance is a solid option around 20th overall. The three are safe enough NFL prospects and have higher than usual fantasy upside due to their rushing ability, so it makes sense to use premium 1st or 2nd round devy picks on them even in your standard single quarterback league. Outside of those three, the risk versus reward of drafting a devy quarterback in non-Superflex leagues is not an attractive proposition. It is a difficult position to evaluate and there are just not many open starting quarterback jobs in the NFL each year, so the bar is high.

Timing Note

This article is later in the offseason than usual. In fact, it almost did not happen this year. With no spring football and the prospects for a college season not looking great back in April, it did not feel worth writing at the time. However, it now looks like we are going to have a 2020 college football season. Plus, this is my favorite article to write every year, so it was gratifying for so many to reach out and ask about it. I hope you enjoy it and look for the article to come out a couple of months earlier next offseason.

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