Buy Low, Sell High: Week 2

A look at the players whose values might be an inflection points heading into Week 2

Sell High

Deshaun Watson, QB, HOU - Garbage time bailed his fantasy teams out, but you didn’t take him in the top six quarterbacks to be a sanitation engineer (hat tip Matt Waldman). This offense lacks structure and looks ugly without DeAndre Hopkins. Kansas City’s defense isn’t THAT good. Maybe the Texans were just sleepwalking, but either way, I’m making a lateral move or trying to trade Watson for a lesser quarterback and something else of value.

Dalvin Cook, RB, MIN - The Vikings defense was terrible and might not be setting up game scripts for Dalvin to cook this year. If it wasn’t for a garbage time score, his Week 1 would have been underwhelming and you have to wonder just how often he will be undercut by a limited pass offense that might not sustain drives and an abysmal secondary that is prone to give his team multi-score deficits to come back from on the reg. If you can get 80 cents on the dollar for Cook’s mid-first price tag, do it.

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