Six-word preview on every team in the NFL - 2020

A look at each NFL team's 2020 situation using only six words.

Last year at this time, I wrote an article that provided a preview or outlook of every NFL team using only six words. It's that time of the year again, so here are my thoughts on teams entering the 2020 season. Every team's outlook, perception, or thoughts - in only six words.

Arizona Cardinals - Kyler taking control, wins to follow?

Atlanta Falcons - Aging capable offense, defense needs building.

Baltimore Ravens - Excellence is there, pass rush needed.

Buffalo Bills - Franchise quarterback identified. Elite receiver desired.

Carolina Panthers - Many changes coming. Rhule era begins.

Chicago Bears - Trubisky continues to be determining factor.

Cincinnati Bengals - New quarterback enough to find success?

Cleveland Browns - Will the real Baker stand up?

Dallas Cowboys - Decisions coming. Cowboys can't keep everyone.

Denver Broncos - Mile-high success building? Lock is key

Detroit Lions - Will ground game ever work here?

Green Bay Packers - Defense coming together, Rodgers' sunset coming

Houston Texans - Exciting, capable team. Running back wanted.

Indianapolis Colts - Solve quarterback dilemma, improve the team.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Better players going rather than coming.

Kansas City Chiefs - Talent everywhere. Sky is the limit.

Los Angeles Rams - Ground game must return to form.

Los Angeles Chargers - Will quarterback improve or worsen team?

Miami Dolphins - Draft pick decisions will dictate results.

Minnesota Vikings - Vikings forever good, but not great.

New England Patriots - Team at crossroads. Success perception endangered.

New Orleans Saints - Saints window with Brees, nearly shut.

New York Giants - Will Gettleman get the last laugh?

New York Jets - Will Gase survive the season? Gulp.

Las Vegas Raiders - Multiple picks need to pay off.

Philadelphia Eagles - Can Eagles fly under Wentz again?

Pittsburgh Steelers - Roethlisberger swan song. Build for future.

San Francisco 49ers - Excellence everywhere. Tight division and conference.

Seattle Seahawks - Team not complacent, still hunting trophy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Playoff team without Winston. Find replacement.

Tennessee Titans - Changes coming. Success hinges on decisions.

Washington Redskins - Success looming. Can Rivera sustain it?

Questions, suggestions and, comments are always welcome.

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