What Should You Do with Antonio Brown?

Reacting to the latest developments in the Antonio Brown case as things continue to change

Please note that the author understands that in any situation involving these types of allegations it can appear to be insensitive to discuss fantasy football when such serious issues are in play. Please don’t mistake the discussion of the implications for your fantasy teams as a lack of attention to the real human costs of what is involved in these cases. You are here for fantasy football content, so that’s where this article will focus.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s only been six days since a federal suit was filed against New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown. In that time, controversy has continued to swirl around Brown as he prepared for, and played in, his first game with his new team.

In particular, an article from Sports Illustrated’s Robert Klemko has brought to light a pattern of conduct that stretches back several years for Brown. The revelations have cast Brown in an even more unfavorable light and have again changed the playing field for him, the NFL, the Patriots, and fantasy football owners. You can find all the details of Klemko’s report here.

In part, Klemko highlights the following:

  • New sexual misconduct allegations
  • Three domestic disturbance calls in four years with girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss
  • Domestic abuse allegations from Wiltrice Jackson, the mother of one of Brown’s children, in January of this year
  • A lawsuit filed against Brown for throwing furniture off an 11th-floor balcony almost striking a 22-month-old child
  • Repeatedly failing to pay those who provided him goods and/or services by manufacturing conflict in the relationship

Additionally, since the lawsuit was filed, Patriots owner Bob Kraft let it be known (credit: Ian Rapoport) that he was unhappy with the fact that the Patriots were not made aware of the current allegations against Brown before he signed the contract. According to Rapoport, someone close to the situation felt that Kraft would *not* have approved of the signing had he known.

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