Waivers of the Future: Week 10

Your guide to making preemptive waiver pickups in the context of dynasty fantasy football. 

Player value in dynasty football reminds me of watching ocean waves. They ebb and flow, always in a state of flux. Competitive dynasty players anticipate these movements before they happen and act by picking up, buying, or selling players as the situation demands. Dynasty general managers have previously been at the mercy of regular waiver segments to assist in dynasty pickups, but these fail to account for the long-term view necessary to dynasty success. This weekly column will focus on identifying assets that will help dynasty teams build for the future, as well as players that may plug a hole at a position of need on an otherwise strong squad.

Welcome to week ten of Waivers of the Future! Whether you are a contender or a rebuilder, this article will seek to help you put yourself in the best position to have success in your dynasty league by assisting you in making preemptive pickups.

The trade deadline is rapidly approaching in most dynasty leagues. Weeks 10-13 are the most common dates for trade deadlines across dynasty leagues that do not allow year-round trading. That means that once the deadline passes, your only way of acquiring players for the remainder of the year is via the waiver wire. This tends to inflate the amount of capital you need to spend to secure a player. That said, do not be afraid to be aggressive with your spending at this point. The wire is razor thin by this time in the year and any player you can secure for your team with waiver dollars is going to be of help. You should never end the year with a waiver budget left over unless it is going to roll over to your next league year.

Budget percentages are to give the reader guidance regarding how the writer would prioritize these players. However, you know your league best. If you think you can get away with bidding less than recommended or nothing at all, go for it!

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