#Trendspotting: Week 6

Examining player and team trends to identify valuable DFS options and start/sits in season-long leagues

Reader's Guide

As you read, you may run into some colors in the text. Blue text is a good matchup for that team's offensive players. Red text is a bad matchup. Some other key items are below:

  • All red/blue highlighting in tables is relative to the entire NFL, even when showing a limited number of teams.
  • All reference to fantasy points assumes DraftKings scoring rules unless otherwise specified.
  • All stats reference the full 2018 season unless otherwise specified.
  • All fantasy points rankings are on a per-game basis to account for bye weeks unless otherwise specified.

This week, we'll discuss the following topics:

Follow the Targets

This section will examine which offensive positions have the most success through the air against certain defenses.

Team Tgt % YdsRk TDs Tgt % YdsRk TDs Tgt % YdsRk TDs
Miami Dolphins 18.2% 23 3 56.4% 17 6 25.5% 30 1
New York Giants 17.1% 24 0 63.0% 31 8 19.9% 7 2
Cincinnati Bengals 32.4% 32 3 54.0% 6 4 13.7% 10 1
Atlanta Falcons 17.0% 1 0 60.5% 29 10 22.4% 16 2
Baltimore Ravens 15.8% 7 1 68.5% 30 4 15.8% 21 1
Los Angeles Chargers 19.5% 5 1 57.9% 12 5 22.6% 12 3
Arizona Cardinals 13.5% 11 0 58.3% 13 6 28.2% 32 6


The table above shows the seven worst teams in net yards per pass attempt allowed (with Miami being the worst).

  • Cincinnati's opponents target running backs on 32.4% of their pass attempts, the highest ratio in the NFL.
  • Cincinnati has allowed three receiving touchdowns to running backs, tied for the most in the NFL.
  • Atlanta allows 197.0 yards per game to wide receivers, fourth-most.
  • Atlanta has allowed 10 receiving touchdowns to wide receivers, most in the NFL.
  • Arizona allows 92.2 yards per game to tight ends, most in the NFL.
  • Baltimore allows 200.8 yards per game to wide receivers, third-most.

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