Footballguys Staff vs Non-Staff: Draft 4 FPC Best Ball format

The Footballguys staff, along with six writers in the industry got together and completed a 12-team best ball draft using the Footballguys Players Championship format. 

On Aug 4th, six members of the Footballguys staff, along with six highly regarded writers in the fantasy football community, got together to complete a 12-team, 28 round best ball draft using the Footballguys Players Championship format. Before the draft, each of the participants answered questions regarding strategies, players they coveted and how they plan to attack the draft. Additional questions were asked after the draft based on the decisions they made. To top it off, Footballguys' Alex Miglio will provide an evaluation of each team's roster strengths and weaknesses, chronicling the strategies and decisions that were made by each participant.

The goal of this article is to give you a look into the minds of fantasy experts throughout the entire draft process. This includes preparation, decision-making, execution, and follow-up. What was their plan? Did they follow it? Why did they make the decisions they made? Some drafters had similar strategies and players of interest, but how they executed their plan and built their roster, varied from person to person.

We hope you will uncover or discover a strategy that might work for you in your draft(s) this year. Learn what players the experts are targeting and why. At Footballguys, when you win, we win! If we can help give you the tools and know-how to build a winning team, we've done our job.


  • 12 teams
  • 28 roster spots
  • Starting Lineup
    • 1 quarterback
    • 2 running backs
    • 2 wide receivers
    • 1 tight end
    • 2 flex (either a running back, wide receiver, or tight end)
    • 1 Defense
    • 1 Kicker


  • Offensive Players Only
    • 4 points - Passing Touchdown
    • 6 points - Rushing/Receiving Touchdown
    • 0.05 points - Passing Yard
    • 0.1 points - Rushing/Receiving Yard
    • 1.0 point - Reception (QB, RB, WR)
    • 1.5 point - Reception (TE)
    • -1 - Interception Thrown
    • 2 - Two-Point Conversion (rush, pass or receive)
    • 3 - Length of field goal made 0-29 yards
    • 3 - Length of field goal made 30 yards and then 0.1 for every 1 yard after 30.
    • 6 - Offensive recovery for Touchdown
    • 6 - Number of Defensive and Special Teams Touchdowns
  • Defense scoring
    • 2 points - fumble recovery
    • 2 points - interception caught
    • 1 point - sacked quarterback
    • 5 points - safety
    • 12 points - 0 points allowed
    • 8 points - 1-6 points allowed
    • 5 points - 7-10 points allowed
    • 0 points - 11-99 points allowed
    • 6 points - Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown


  1. Shane P. Hallam, Draft Countdown
  2. John Paulsen,
  3. Jeff Tefertiller, Footballguys
  4. Eric Moody, Dynasty League Football
  5. Chad Parsons, Footballguys
  6. Jared Smola, Draft Sharks
  7. Bob Harris, Football Diehards
  8. Andy Hicks, Footballguys
  9. Renee Miller, The Athletic/Rotoworld
  10. David Dodds, Footballguys
  11. James Brimacombe, Footballguys
  12. Clayton Gray, Footballguys


Completed Rosters


Shane P. Hallam, Draft Countdown /

Shane has been writing about the NFL Draft and fantasy football for 15 years at sites such as,,, and In addition, Shane is a high stakes dynasty player at the FFPC and has been featured on numerous podcasts and radio including SiriusXM, High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour, and Dynasty War Zone.


1. Discuss drafting from the 1-hole. What will you do differently because of this draft slot?

Drafting first is a plus in my mind to nab an elite RB and having a fair amount of options at the 2-3 turn to explore with RBs and WRs abound. One of the challenges on the turn is that it lessens the impact of ADP and value on drafting. If I am picking at the 4-5 turn for instance and want a player whose ADP is 6.02, I may have to take him a round early or be left without. Psychologically, this leads to less value but more “getting your guys”.

The one benefit to picking on the turn is starting runs for positions and getting other players to fall. If I can plan correctly to start a QB run during the draft (around QB7 or 8 area,) it could help me get a leg up at QB and still find value later in the draft.

2. How will the dual-flex and tight end 1.5 PPR scoring format change how you approach this draft?

The dual-flex won’t affect my draft very much at all. The goal is to gather RBs and WRs that will give you startable games in best ball. It may lead me to lean a tad safer in later rounds to fill out the roster in case of down weeks/bye weeks from my starters.

The TE premium aspect affects the draft. TE is fairly thin this year and I likely will target a good TE in tier 3 (OJ Howard, Evan Engram, Hunter Henry, Jared Cook tier,) to kick off the TE premium aspect. I do play in the FFPC often and am quite familiar with TE premium drafts, so I hope it can give me an advantage.

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