Six-word preview on every team in the NFL

A look at each team in the NFL using only six words. 

I spotted this article by Jon Tayler on that gave a preview of every Major League Baseball team - Six-Word Preview for Every MLB Team in 2019 and I thought it would be fun to do the same for the 2019 NFL season. Every team's outlook, perception or thoughts - in only six words. This was fun to capture an opinion of an entire franchise in such a limited manner. Check out the MLB article, and I hope you enjoy my NFL version.

Arizona Cardinals - Kingsbury offense, Fitzgerald and Johnson rebound?

Atlanta Falcons - Watch the offensive fantasy numbers soar

Baltimore Ravens - How far can Lamar take them?

Buffalo Bills - Perhaps the team to dethrone Patriots

Carolina Panthers - Team’s success lies on Cam’s shoulder

Chicago Bears - Bears have improved despite pedestrian Trubisky

Cincinnati Bengals - Time for a new quarterback? Maybe.

Cleveland Browns - If they establish chemistry, they're dangerous.

Dallas Cowboys - Cap window with Dak is closing

Denver Broncos - Quarterback is the key to success

Detroit Lions - Can they mimic the Patriot way?

Green Bay Packers - Does Rodgers' tank still have gas?

Houston Texans - Offensive line a must for Watson

Indianapolis Colts - Cap management yielding results, Bravo Ballard.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Foles era begins. Will it matter?

Kansas City Chiefs - Defense lost talent, could be point-fest.

Los Angeles Rams - A candidate for Super Bowl hangover

Los Angeles Chargers - Can challenge in the AFC West

Miami Dolphins - Will Fitzpatrick acquisition yield positive results?

Minnesota Vikings - Talent on both sides, where’s wins?

New England Patriots - With Brady and Belichick, rinse, repeat.

New Orleans Saints - One more year, Brees’ window closing

New York Giants - Well, we’re waiting. Your move Gettleman

New York Jets - Darnold and Bell, upward and onward.

Oakland Raiders - May not be relevant until Vegas

Philadelphia Eagles - AKA Wentz and the tight ends

Pittsburgh Steelers - How great is Ben? We’ll see.

San Francisco 49ers - Emerging team, Garoppolo a big factor

Seattle Seahawks - With Russell healthy, this team thrives

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Could be great, could be meh.

Tennessee Titans - Team taking form, Mariota needs improvement

Washington Redskins - Hey Snyder, spending isn’t always successful

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