Which Rookie WR Is in a Tough Situation?

Staff members name wide receivers who are in tough spots to produce this season

Is there a rookie wide receiver with great talent but stuck in a bad situation? The bad situation could be anything from a bad coaching staff to being behind an entrenched starter to having subpar surrounding talent.

Jason Wood

There are quite a few, unfortunately. Hakeem Butler -- my top-rated rookie before the NFL draft -- fell too far and went to a Cardinals team that plans on spreading the ball around. They also drafted Andy Isabella ahead of Butler, so he'll have to earn his role. A.J. Brown ended up in Tennessee, which means he'll have to suffer through the wildly inconsistent play of Marcus Mariota. Marquise Brown and Miles Boykin both have future WR1 talent but ended up together in Baltimore, playing in an offense that plans on running its quarterback 150-200 times.

Daniel Simpkins

Many have said that A.J. Brown has fallen into a bad situation after being taken by the Titans. That’s true if you believe there’s no room for improvement in the offense. Folks don’t typically understand the adversity level that this team experienced in 2018.

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