Which Rookie RB Is in a Great Situation?

The Footballguys staff comes up with some rookie running backs who are in great spots to produce

Is there a rookie running back with not-so-great talent but in a good situation? The good situation could be anything from a great coaching staff to having a fairly open path to significant playing time to having excellent surrounding talent.

Jason Wood

I can't say Ryquell Armstead isn't talented, but he's not one of the five best backs in this class. Yet, he lands in a situation in Jacksonville that is predicated on a power running game. Leonard Fournette is on thin ice and Armstead could turn into a feature back on a run-heavy team in short order.

Daniel Simpkins

Immediately, Devin Singletary comes to mind. The situation is fantastic. The Bills are a team that prefers to run the ball, especially since they have a quarterback who is still developing. Frank Gore and LeSean McCoy only have limited time left in the league and could be great mentors for Singletary. The problem is, running backs need a requisite amount of speed and burst to play in the NFL. When both watching film and considering metric testing results, it becomes apparent Singletary doesn’t possess those two traits. It’s unfortunate because he has many other good-to-great traits like vision and footwork. It just won’t be enough for him to matter.

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