Preseason Week 1 Nuggets

Unearthing some of the more interesting nuggets found through watching and charting every snap of the first team offenses for week one of the NFL preseason.


Some fantasy analysts claim the preseason doesn’t matter. Some claim that it matters a lot. In actuality, some truth resides within both of these statements. The real answer is the preseason matters more for some teams and players than it does for others.

For teams with undecided depth charts, pairing clues from the preseason with what beat writers are reporting helps to decipher roles. For teams installing a new offense, it can also be important to see how they are deploying personnel groupings. Finally, some players have question marks around certain aspects of their game and preseason gives us a chance to see if they are progressing, remaining the same, or regressing.

Each week in the preseason can take on a life of its own depending on the goals for the team. If a team rests all starters that can be a message in itself. Who starts in this type of scenario is notable, but some teams may intentionally start a bottom of the roster player to determine if he should be cut or not.

Context and knowing what to look for are keys to unlocking valuable fantasy nuggets in the preseason. Week one provides us with a baseline to revisit as the preseason progresses.

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