2019 Post Draft Bloom 100

A look at the top 100 rookies to draft in deep dynasty leagues.

What was a very eventful draft was uneventful in fantasy circles. What was already thought of as a subpar class of skill players only lost value when destinations and draft slots were revealed. Here’s my advice to take advantage:

Trade out of top five rookie picks except to take Josh Jacobs. The wide receiver and running back values are level through the top 15-20. When in doubt in the late first, take Murray, he can be a difference maker even at quarterback. Target the undersized wideouts with great spots like Mecole Hardman, Hollywood Brown, and Diontae Johnson in the second instead. The best running back value on the board is Darrell Henderson, who is also available in the second round in a lot of drafts. It’s too late to trade out of picks, everyone can see how poor this class is in terms of value across classes. You’ll have to dip into undrafted players to fill out four and five round offensive-only drafts. Bet on the quality of the team and openings on the depth chart as much as the player. Have fun with this draft, because it mostly lacks big impact upside players.

The Bloom 100 is ranked with the following type of dynasty fantasy football league in mind:

  • Full IDP lineups including DT and CB
  • PPR, start 3 WR
  • Deep lineups and roster

Of course, depending on your league scoring and settings, the placement of some positions can change, but the tier breaks and rankings within position should be good to use across all league formats.

You might disagree with my assessments of draft outcome vs expectations, situation, and opportunity, and you should go with yours. Those attributes are presented more to frame how we should be thinking about how these players dynasty values changed during the draft.

I’ll be updating rankings here - and compiling the developments or what I’ve learned behind the moves in my rankings periodically through the offseason. I’m sure if I look at these long enough, I can talk myself into changing many rankings. Consider this a starting position to debate and clarify your own rankings more than a substitute for your own rankings.

(Pre-draft rank in parenthesis)

1(2). Josh Jacobs, RB, Oakland - Jacobs will get to be a three-down back at a time when true lead backs are going extinct. He’s the clear 1.01 by a large margin.

  • Draft Position vs Expectations: Par
  • Short-Term Opportunity: High
  • Long-Term Opportunity: High
  • Quality of Situation: Medium (Solid line, Antonio Brown, meh Carr)
  • Quality of Offense Decision-Makers: Medium (Gruden is underrated)

2(19). Mecole Hardman, WR, Kansas City **TOP VALUE** - Hardman isn’t Tyreek Hill, but he does have a strong overlap in strengths of his game. A bet on Hardman is a bet on Patrick Mahomes II, which should give you the warm fuzzies.

  • Draft Position vs Expectations: Eagle
  • Short-Term Opportunity: High
  • Long-Term Opportunity: High
  • Quality of Situation: High
  • Quality of Offense Decision Makers: High

3(3). D.K. Metcalf, WR, Seattle - Metcalf’s fall was more shocking than Butler’s to some. He was considered top 10-15 worth on some draft analyst boards, and the commodity he represents is clear and very useful in the NFL. If Doug Baldwin retires, Metcalf starts right away, and even though Russell Wilson is a low volume quarterback, he’s high efficiency. Metcalf’s injury history could interfere with his arrival, but this a good spot for him to preserve value despite fall to the end of the second. 5/10: Moved up from 4 to 3

  • Draft Position vs Expectations: Double Bogey
  • Short-Term Opportunity: High
  • Long-Term Opportunity: High
  • Quality of Situation: Medium (Low volume pass O, but great QB)
  • Quality of Offense Decision Makers: Low (Run, run, run)

4(1). Hakeem Butler, WR, Arizona - I’m not as dismayed at Butler’s fall as I am excited about his destination and quarterback. Kliff Kingsbury will employ a hyper-aggressive, pass-heavy offense by all outward indications and Kyler Murray has a penchant for the big downfield pass. Butler should also get plenty of chances to show his run after catch prowess. Butler vs. Metcalf is a difficult decision, but both are values on rookie draft boards. I have Butler over Sanders, but if you have a late first or early second, you should trade down or take Sanders and target Butler with the later pick. 5/10: Moved down from 3 to 4

  • Draft Position vs Expectations: Double Bogey
  • Short-Term Opportunity: High
  • Long-Term Opportunity: High
  • Quality of Situation: Medium, potentially High (Air raid!)
  • Quality of Offense Decision Makers: Unknown, potentially High

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