Team Offense Tiers and ADP Bargains

Ranking NFL offenses as units and identifying valuable fantasy assets from each

Note: this article was edited on August 14 with new information regarding Andrew Luck's calf injury.

Note: this article was edited on August 17 with an adjusted rating for New England due to Josh Gordon's reinstatement.

Note: this article was edited on August 26 with news of Andrew Luck's retirement.

In fantasy football, when debating two similarly-ranked two players (especially early in fantasy drafts), GMs should strive to avoid drafting the player on a bad offense because that player could be weighed down by bad teammates or coaching schemes. When an NFL team scores very few points, its players tend to score fewer fantasy points than those with a similar opportunity on higher-scoring teams. Therefore, the purpose of this exercise is to rank offenses as units.

Outside of using our own Matt Bitonti's offensive line rankings, these rankings are solely my own and opinion-based. To calculate the total scores, I multiplied the quarterback score by three because of the position's importance to the whole offense. These rankings are more of a litmus test than something to treat as gospel. A point here or there isn't going to change too much.

And because I don't want to provide an article without actionable advice, I've chosen my favorite player from each team factoring in their current ADP.

Fertile Fantasy Soil

These units are the truly elite groups in the NFL. And in the cases of Kansas City and New Orleans, the ADPs of their key players reflect as much.

Rank Team QB RBs WR/TE OL OC Total Comments
1 KC 5.0 2.0 5.0 4.0 5.0 31.0 Mahomes. Hill. Kelce. Reid. Watkins. Plug-and-play RB and he'll be fantasy-relevant.
2 NO 3.5 5.0 4.0 4.5 5.0 29.0 Brees may be in decline…but who cares for Kamara and Thomas?

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