New Reality No.135: Roster Management for 2020

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of dynasty fantasy football

The dynasty trade market heats up in the middle of the season as owners point towards a contending or building mindset according to their 2019 results thus far. With sample size growing for the current season, owners are more comfortable projecting roles, usage, and performance than entering Week 1 or in the early weeks. As a result, becoming more active with bolstering a playoff-caliber roster or shifting to 2020 viable options is critical. This week's edition will look at rosters building towards 2020.


The general idea behind trading as a non-contending dynasty team is two-fold - shift production from the current year to the following (or future) season and in the process aid rookie draft position. For the record, I am not an advocate (nor is any dynasty league) of 'tanking' which is purposefully setting sub-optimal lineups and the like to improve draft position. As a result, I advocate using potential points instead of raw win-loss and/or points scored to order non-playoff teams for the annual rookie draft. Potential points uses the optimized lineup each week a la best ball scoring to better gauge the strength of a dynasty team.

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