A Close Look at Melvin Gordon's Value

A quick look at Melvin Gordon's value after news of his contract situation

On Wednesday morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted that Gordon had informed the Chargers that "unless he receives a new contract, he will not report to training camp and will demand a trade." What does that mean for Gordon's fantasy value? What if you are drafting right now?

Let's take a look

Gordon and his agent might feel disrespected by the long term offer they got from the Chargers, but the team was under no obligation to make him an offer. Like Le'Veon Bell he might be dismayed that the team he gave much more over the value of the first four years of his rookie contract isn't willing to give him what he thinks is market value for his services now. Gordon can attempt to play the same game Bell did and offer no more of his blood to a team that he feels does not appreciate him and hope for a trade, but there are few if any teams with the positional need, cap room, and willingness to pay a running back top market value long term. Gordon could hold out into the season to test the Chargers mettle, but this is a notoriously cheap organization that has put winning the transaction over winning games as recently as the Joey Bosa holdout in 2016.

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