Mastering the Draft Dominator: Customized Cheat Sheets

An overview of how to use the Draft Dominator to customize cheat sheets.

The Draft Dominator represents the most robust and powerful fantasy football drafting tool on the market. It will help you prepare for your league by running an unlimited number of mock drafts and crush your league with completely customizable settings during live drafts.

What follows is the second in a series of articles meant to serve as companion pieces to our video series uncovering everything you need to know about leveraging this tool to your advantage. You can read the introduction to mastering the Draft Dominator by clicking here.

The Cheat Sheet

If you didn’t read the first edition of this series, here’s a quick explanation of the Cheat Sheet:

On both mobile and desktop, the main view of the Draft Dominator is your Cheat Sheet. It represents the Draft Dominator’s top choices for your pick. It is built on our ranks for your selection and not ADP, so the order of players will be different than a typical ADP list. You’ll notice some players have a variety of icons by their names, such as a gold star, a red medical kit, a megaphone, etc. These icons are meant to give you a quick burst of info. Each icon is explained when you select the player.

At the top of the Cheat Sheet, there are a number of ways to sort and filter players, including by position, by depth chart, and by position tiers. The goal of this is to ensure that you almost never have to leave the Draft Dominator during your draft to find whatever info you’re in need of.

Customizing Your Cheat Sheet with Lists and Notes

Whenever you click or tap on a player, the Dominator will present you with a bevy of info ranging from that player’s outlook to our staff ranks and comments. Next to the staff button, there’s an option to add your personal notes, which you can use to remind you of certain things during your draft. When you add a note, a little note icon will be displayed with the player’s name as seen below for Chris Godwin and James White (desktop version):

You’ll also notice three other options when you click or tap on a player: watch, avoid, and shortlist. The watch and avoid buttons give you a quick and simple way to customize your Cheat Sheet. Every time you add a player to one of those options, an icon representing that choice will be displayed near the player’s name, offering immediate feedback without the need to change views. In the above screenshot, we see Calvin Ridley on the watch list and Lamar Miller on the avoid.

The shortlist allows you to compile players that you want to target throughout your draft into a quickly accessible list. When you add players to your shortlist, they’ll populate under the blue shortlist button to the top left of the Cheat Sheet on the desktop version, and top right of the mobile version.

Hitting the shortlist button pulls up your list of players and displays them by our staff ranks and comments, recent news, stats (projected and previous seasons), and strength of schedule:

To quickly add to your shortlist on the desktop version, click the green cards button left of the player’s name, which will then turn it red. To accomplish this via the mobile app, tap on the player, and then hit the green shortlist button at the bottom right.

Filtering and Sorting the Cheat Sheet

In the Draft Dominator basics article, we noted that the Cheat Sheet offers nearly everything you need so you never have to leave the app in search of info. It defaults to sorting by rank, but you can sort by any of the other options to the right, notably ADP+ (adapted specifically for your league’s settings and scoring), projected fantasy points, and upside (our fantasy points upside projections).

You can also hit the grey box to the left of Rank and change sorting options:

In the Projections: Passing and Rushing view, for example, you can sort players by their projected passing and rushing stats. The Dominator even includes career and measurement columns, and projections for kicking, team defense, and IDP.

Above the columns field, you’ll see a blue asterisk (titled as More on the desktop version). This button provides three more detailed sorting options: Depth Charts, Complementary Players, and Position Tiers.

In the depth charts view, the Dominator will default to quarterbacks and then list each team alphabetically. You can sort by other positions by hitting the position button next to the filter icon. This view is especially helpful in the later rounds of super deep leagues because it gives you a fast way to see which teams may, for example, still have their second or third running back available.

The Complementary Players option highlights free agents who have an easy schedule when players on your roster have their hardest games. Use this feature to build around strength of schedule.

The third option ranks players in groups of tiers. Saquon Barkley, Ezekiel Elliott, Christian McCaffrey, and Alvin Kamara are all grouped into Tier 1 of running backs. David Johnson, Joe Mixon, Le'Veon Bell on down through Todd Gurley represent Tier 2. As these players get selected, the Dominator runs a red line through their name:

The best part about this is that the Tiers are generated based on your league’s setting. This is a great way to analyze your roster compared to available players, so you don’t miss out on top-tiered options.

Lastly, we have the blue filter icon, which takes advantage of five distinct sorting options:

If you’ve added players to your avoid list, you can filter those players out of your cheat sheet by checking the box, as shown above. This, again, gives you a quick way of customizing your Cheat Sheet and demonstrates how the Draft Dominator, with a little bit of your input, will help you make informed decisions throughout your draft.

As always, if you ever have any questions or need more info, reach out to at any time.

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