Mastering the Art of the Auction Draft, Part 2: Beginners

Learning the characteristics of beginning drafters, beginning auctions, and how to attack them.

Note: This series is designed to take auction drafters of any ability and refine their auction skills to those of a seasoned auction veteran. The articles will go from very simple concepts all the way to the most advanced auction theories. Each article is designed to build on the previous articles in the series. For best results read each article before proceeding to the concepts in the next article. For a breakdown of auction mechanics and strategies see Footballguy Jeff Pasquino’s excellent 8-part Auction Primer Series.

After Part I, you have a basic framework for how to avoid some common problems for beginning auction drafters. Now you can start to focus on how exactly to avoid those mistakes instead of just knowing that they’re undesirable. The two concepts in this article address that idea, and although they are not the same topic they are so often seen together it’s wise to discuss them together.

When your league decides to try auction drafting for the first time it’s probable that the majority of the league hasn’t done it before so there will be some easily predictable results for the first couple years of the draft. Assuming reasonably intelligent owners, these trends will gradually become less pronounced and eventually disappear altogether. But before that happens if you are aware of what’s coming you can take advantage of their inexperience. Furthermore, even if they eliminate some of these simple rookie mistakes, there will always be owners who don’t learn from their mistakes year to year, and newer auction owners who don’t know what they’re doing. These skills you learn now continue to give you benefits no matter how long you do auctions.

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