Lie Detector Test: How to Sniff Out Coachspeak

Why you shouldn't believe everything you hear in the media and how to drill down to the truth

Quotes from coaches, players, and front-office types are a significant portion of the analysis that help us fantasy GMs project performance, rank players, and gain an edge on our opponents. But sometimes, the people making those quotes are expressing an intention rather than a likely reality; sometimes they're telling half-lies to motivate players; and other times, they're flat out lying to gain leverage in a certain situation.

The goal of this article is to provide three examples to prove to fantasy GMs that there is often much more beneath the surface of every news blurb they read.

Plan vs. Practice

On Wednesday afternoon, an article was published where Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner said this about Vance McDonald’s projected playing time:

"He still won't. He's never going to play the full game. That's never going to happen."

Aside from the fact that article never divulges the actual question asked that yielded this response, there are reasons why we shouldn't be taking the fire extinguisher to the smoldering fire that is McDonald's fantasy prospects.

Pittsburgh threw 675 passes last season. Those targets were distributed as shown below:

Position Targets Share %
WR 446 66.1%
TE 120 17.8%
RB 110 16.3%

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