The Gut Check No.475: 10 Players I am Undecided About

Matt Waldman reveals 10 players that have him waiting to learn more about them in August. 

As we gear up for fantasy drafts, we know what we think of most players at this point of the summer. Whether or not you admit this to yourself is the real question.

Still, there are 10 players that truly have us in wait-and-see mode for August. This week's article examines players that have the Gut Check waiting to learn more in training camp and the preseason.

10. RB Devin Singletary (Buffalo)

Although earning first-team reps with LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore, Singletary has a ton to prove. The Bills runner has excellent vision — arguably the best combination of sight, timing, manipulation of defenders, and processing of information of the backs in this class — but he's small, short, slow, and lacks quality acceleration and change of direction quickness.

Can Singletary's vision, precise footwork, and effort overcome his lack of athletic ability? If he met the athletic baselines for the position that the Rookie Scouting Portfolio uses — baselines that are realistic enough to be inclusive of many backs lacking high-round athletic ability but possessing high-round conceptual and technical skill — Singletary would be a favorite of yours truly.

Because Singletary didn't meet these baselines, there's a lot to prove. The Gut Check will let Singletary prove them from afar—and not on a depth chart with McCoy, Gore, and T.J. Yeldon—at least until the Bills announce that Singletary will be the lead back. Yours truly isn't counting on this happening.

9. WR Donte Moncrief (Pittsburgh)

Every era has its share of players who earn opportunities with multiple teams based on physical promise and the flicker of production from a season that should have faded from memories long ago. Moncrief is likely that guy.

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