The Gut Check No.497: Three Lessons Learned

Matt Waldman revisits the 2019 season and shares three fantasy football lessons he's learned this year. 

This year is my 24th playing fantasy football. Next year, I'll have been a part of this hobby for half of my life.

I began playing fantasy football when pay phones outnumbered cell phones and magazines were the technological advancement to the tablet and not the other way around. Think of Job, not Jobs and you know the kind of tablet I'm talking about.

For those of us prone to navel-gazing, the final month of the year and the fantasy football season is a natural time for reflection. Here are three lessons I've learned this year that I hope to apply productively in 2020 and hope you find useful enough to do the same.

These aren't specific points about players. I find articles with these types of lessons fail to identify the root causes with accuracy and it breads more narratives that you have to work even harder to overcome.

Of the three lessons below, two are esoteric but valuable for self-discovery. The third is steeped in the practicality of fantasy analysis.

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