The Gut Check No.490: Mid-Season Rants

Matt Waldman unleashes mid-season rants—and a few of them may actually help your fantasy life.

We all need a good rant. Some of us do it at a local bar over beers among friends.

Others do it at the dinner table in front of the kids. Unless you want to be the Marv Marinovich of a future standup comedian or the clinically depressed (likely both), I wouldn't recommend this one.

If the rumor is true (spoiler: it isn't) about Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht, who (allegedly) created a burner account on Twitter to promote a 400-page book written about the public's inability to comprehend Jameis Winston Hall of Fame beginning to his career, Licht would have been pent up for way too long.

Bob Kraft could recommend...nevermind.

Me? Well, let's just say if my car was a living being and had an eject button, I'd probably have been killed from the impact of hitting the ground at 35 miles per hour on a busy suburban thoroughfare or squashed by a tractor-trailer a few clicks behind me.

Since cars are getting smarter by the year and ranting on Twitter is like entering one of the most insidious plains of the underworld, you're stuck this week as my audience unless you click the red x in the corner. Hopefully, some of these will help your fantasy (no, Bob...FANTASY FOOTBALL) life.

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