Early Round Draft Strategy: Safe & Risky Players

Analyzing projections to balance floor and ceiling in the early rounds of fantasy drafts

Diversifying Your Portfolio

If you follow fantasy football, you've no doubt seen articles and tweets about diversification. That concept is commonly used in the context of best ball rosters. But diversification can be a strategy within a single team as well. Drafting a team full of known commodities could lead to a solid team that can't get over the hump and win it all. But having a team with all boom-or-bust players could lead to a level of variance that feels unsafe.

Using our Footballguys projections from David Dodds, Bob Henry, Maurile Tremblay, and Jason Wood, a range of outcomes for each player can be gauged by the variance within the projections and the delta between the highest and lowest projections of the group.

Note: quarterbacks have been excluded from this exercise. Their projections tend to vary less, and there are fewer boom-or-bust types at the position.

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