Coaching Hot Seat Watch

Job security is hard to come by in the NFL, with close to 1/4th of the league's head coaches losing their jobs each season. With a month left to play, let's take a look at who's on the hot seat, and who's not. 

The Coaching Carousel is Spinning

Each year, we chronicle the Coaching Carousel and discuss the impact it'll have on the fantasy football landscape. With a month left in the season, it's time to start zeroing in on where changes may be afoot. It's also important to view this as a fluid analysis. Six weeks ago, I did a similar analysis internally, and a handful of situations have changed in just a month and a half. Coaches with improved situations since mid-October are highlighted in GREEN. Coaches with deteriorating situations are highlighted in RED.


  • Dan Quinn, Atlanta Falcons -- The Falcons have won two of their last four games, but at 3-9, it's still hard to fathom Arthur Blank keeping Quinn at the helm. Matt Ryan is no spring chicken, and the clock is ticking on getting back to a Super Bowl.
  • Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers (FIRED) -- Rivera wasn't even on the hot seat in October, but he was unceremoniously fired this week. New owner David Tepper allegedly had issues with Rivera's approach, preferring a more data-centric coach. There are also rumors the Panthers are set to lure Jim Harbaugh away from Michigan.
  • Pat Shurmur, New York Giants -- Shurmur was 2-4 at the October discussion, but the Giants have lost six more games and are now solidly in the hunt for the first overall pick. Does ownership and the front office want Shurmur at the helm building up another franchise piece? It's hard to understand why he should keep his job, although many wondered why he got the head coaching gig in the first place.


  • Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys -- Garrett is on the verge of winning his third division title in four seasons, and Jerry Jones has been incredibly patient during Garrett's tenure. But there's been a notable change in tone publicly by Jones of late, and he's no longer going out of his way to defend Garrett's aptitude or job security. Garrett probably needs at least one playoff win, if not multiple to remain in Dallas.
  • Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers -- This feels like the Andy Reid in Philadelphia situation. The team's fans don't think highly of him, but most other fans think he's a terrific coach. More importantly, he'll be out of work for a microsecond if the Steelers part ways. We could see a mutual parting this offseason versus an outright firing.
  • Bill Callahan, Washington -- Callahan has gone 3-4 since taking over for Jay Gruden, which is much better than most (myself included) expected. I still think he's an interim hire as Daniel Snyder will aspire for greatness, and we know Callahan is more of a retread.

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