Commissioner Guide, Part 4: Creating League Rules

Our commissioner guide offers a sample league constitution

A written constitution is a must for a well-run fantasy football league. Money on the line adds to the requirement for a guiding document of rules and settings. While it may seem like overkill for some, playing in a league for any meaningful duration will result in arising situations where the league rules can alleviate most, if not all, the ambiguity in resolution. This article will go over much of the process, and provide suggestions on how to build your league constitution as painlessly as possible.


Some will cringe at having to write up the league rules, while others might view it as an opportunity to create a 42-page treatise detailing out every possible situation. Detail is important, but it is also important to focus more on the overall intent and less on specific language.

Circulation is important. While you do not need to have people actually sign a waiver, everyone needs to read the constitution and has easy access. If you can, circulate a copy of it before draft night and encourage people to have read it before the league starts.

If there are any changes from year to year, create a quick summary sheet and reference the appropriate articles which have changed. If your league software has a section for you to cut and paste information, consider posting this information there as well. Anything to make it easy for folks to read and see the rules is a good thing.

Numbered sections and sub-sections are a good idea and will make it easy to find information if there is a question. There is no magic formula to doing this, but more sections are typically better. In the sample below, key main sections will be highlighted. Add in a basic numbering structure to make finding things easy. Avoid page or year references if possible as those can change as rules are added or dropped from year to year. A table of contents can also help if your constitution is long.

Below you will find a sample constitution with comments on every section. The numbering and sections are only a suggestion. Feel free to change or modify any of this to fit your own league.

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