Commissioner Guide, Part 3: League Size

The Footballguys guide to starting a new fantasy football league and being the league's commissioner

A fantasy football commissioner has two main responsibilities - to make sure the league is fun and competitive, while also managing the league mates and fostering a fair environment. Commissioner is often a thankless job within the scope of a fantasy football league, but a mandatory one for a properly-run organization. Having the right mix of owners can create a rewarding and long-standing bond within a fantasy football league. It is not uncommon for well-run leagues to go 10 or more years with many of the same owners. Long lasting friendships are often formed.

While the formula for a league to stand the test of time has many different forms and permutations, there is one place where the formula starts: How many owners do you want in your league. In some cases, you may be constrained by interest. It may be more difficult to find any more than eight guys who want to play. In others, such as an internet-based league, you may have an embarrassment of riches. Owners may have you faced with more interested people than you ever imagined. In this article, we will detail the pros and cons of leagues of different sizes to aid in deciding the right league format for your new fantasy football league.

Quality Matters

Regardless of the size of your league, the quality of the league mates you recruit makes a difference. If you can only find eight people to play, but they are totally engaged and committed to playing week after week, your league will be significantly more interesting and fun than if you have 12 or more participants who simply show up and go through the motions each week. If you focus on getting quality people for your league, it will be massively successful, regardless of the size. This article will try to describe the pros and cons of having leagues of different sizes, and it will give you an idea of what it takes to run them.

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