College Football Week 2 DraftKings Breakdown

An in-depth position-by-position breakdown of the DraftKings college football main slate.

Draftkings main slate breakdown: college week 2

Week one of college football is in the books and with that come overreactions. Kelly Bryant will be a failure at Missouri after losing in his first start as a Tiger to Wyoming, Texas is officially back after a 45-14 victory over Louisiana Tech, and Nebraska's season is doomed after they squeaked past South Alabama at home on the backs of 2 defensive touchdowns and a 3rd coming via a second-half punt return. In actuality, none of this is actually true, or even if it is, we can not say so definitively following just 60 minutes of football. A lot of oddities can happen in just a one-week sample size, which is why it is always best to make informed decisions based on long-term data rather than short-term results. For example, Scott Frost has frequently coached some of the nation's most impressive offenses, it is highly unlikely that Nebraska's offense is going to struggle throughout the 2019 season as much as they did in week one. Week one is always interesting because it is a measuring stick for how good the markets (both DFS and betting) expected each team to be. Week two is equally fun because it provides insight into just how much those same markets are going to erroneously overreact and overadjust. Stay disciplined and don't fall victim to the same overreactions every talking head in the media is spouting. Root decisions in data and seek larger sample sizes than just one game of football if at all possible. If you're able to do these few things, your decision-making process will be far better than most of the DFS market, which over the long-term will translate into profit.

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