5 Key Coaching Misconceptions

A look at five commonly-held coaching misconceptions about the upcoming 2019 season.

Don't Believe These Commonly Held Coaching Misconceptions

NFL analysis has never been more rigorous. The ever-increasing popularity of the sport combined with nearly ubiquitous access to data and analytical tools has led to an exponential increase in thoughtful data-driven scrutiny. Yet, we can all still be victims of what some call “Narrative Street.” Sometimes, even when the data is right in front of us, we hold onto false conclusions because it fits the way we remember the sport.

For example, a few years ago, Rob Ryan – twin brother of Rex – was referred to as a defensive genius all the time. Every major sports television network spoke of his hiring to a staff as the kind of transformational addition that could mean the difference between a high draft pick and a deep playoff run. But, even a cursory analysis of Ryan’s coaching tenure painted a much less optimistic picture.

With that painful memory as a backdrop, here are a few 2019 coaching truisms that bear closer scrutiny:

  1. The Buccaneers Bruce Arians is a can’t-miss, transformational play-caller
  2. Kevin Stefanski will doom the Vikings passing game as he focuses on a power-running offense
  3. The Colts offense won’t miss offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo
  4. Steve Spagnuolo will fix what ails the Chiefs defense
  5. Dirk Koetter will emphasize, and reinvigorate the Falcons rushing attack

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