The Best Of Footballguys Week 1

Matt Waldman scouts our in-season content and shares five must-knows and his takes on each.

You guys have a ton of articles.

This statement about Footballguys is a blessing but it can feel like a curse. Our staff delivers insights that change seasons for the better yet realistically, no fantasy owner has the time to read everything we publish in a week.

If this describes you, let me be your scout. Here are five insights from Footballguys articles that I find compelling for the weekend ahead. I'll share what should help you this week, touch on the long-term outlook, and sometimes offer a counterargument.

Since it's Week 1, I'm going to begin this series with some need-to-knows as a Footballguys subscriber.

1. Footballguys' Season-Long weekly Coverage Pages

The best way to maximize the content at Footballguys during the season is to be aware of the content we have and where to find it. The best way to do this is to click on our Season-Long Coverage pages that will show up on the home page each week and link to the weekly work designed to help you manage your teams.

There are quick links of "departments" at the top of the Season-Long Coverage pages:

  • League Dominator: Formerly known as MyFootballguys, this online app allows you to customize rankings and starting lineup advice based on your league formats. Go to this page to sync your leagues with League Dominator (you can also edit your league settings anything with this link) and this app will become the best way to funnel multiple sources of Footballguys information into one place that's tailored specifically for you, including:
  • Weekly Essentials: Whether you wish to dig into the details of recommendations that League Dominator is supplying you or you aren't using League Dominator and prefer to do your own footwork, the articles in the Essentials section are the logic behind the League Dominator Curtain:
    • Monday Injury Rounds from Doctor Jene Bramel that are updated mid-week and gameday as Bramel learns more about player conditions.
    • Upgrades and Downgrades that will impact lineup, waiver wire, and trade decisions (IDP included), beginning Week 2.
    • Weekly Projections
    • Weekly Rankings
    • David Dodds' renowned Game Predictor tool, which becomes the most effective as we gather season-long data.
    • Passing And Rushing Matchup analysis that profiles the statistical trends of individuals and units to uncover great, good, neutral, bad, and terrible matchups.
    • Sunday Morning Updates every week from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm EST that includes weather, inactives/active announcements, and other breaking news.
  • Strategy Articles: These are key pieces that our readers have found most helpful over the years
    • The Gutcheck: My weekly analysis of specific players that may run contrary to popular opinion or under the radar of your competition.
    • Staff Roundtable: I moderate a rotating panel of Footballguys writers who answer questions pertaining to season storylines that impact fantasy football decisions.
    • Trendspotting: Ryan Hester's excellent data analysis series of key matchups to help you manage your lineups.
    • Expert DRAFTing: James Brimacome's strategic look at snake draft contests on at DRAFT, a variation of the daily fantasy game.
    • The Rent-A-Player Series: For those of you who are streaming quarterbacks, kickers, and defenses.
  • Dynasty Content: We have you covered weekly and you're in great hands with the three writers who pen three strategy pieces below.
  • Individual Defensive Players (IDP): Aaron Rudnicki, John Norton, Darin Tietgen, Dave Larkin, and Daniel Simpkins are all excellent IDP players I compete with annually. Rudnick and Norton have been writing about IDP longer than many of your kids have been alive. We cover the gamut
  • Statistics: Dig into all the data you want for individual players, team stats, game data, targets, red zone stats, and historical information. Doug Drinen, the man who founded Pro Football Reference, is the mastermind of our stats resources at Footballguys. You're in awesome hands. The best page to bookmark is Footballguys' Fantasy Football Statistics Page
  • Features: Beginning Week 2 a number of features will debut that takes a different and compelling look at many of the topics above. I will be recommending many of these at various points during the year.

Matt's Recommendations: You should simply go to our home page every Monday and look for our Season Long Coverage page and use it as your weekly guide for information. However, if you want specific recommendations, here's my personal list of favorites from among all of the awesome content:

If you at least look at these pieces each week, you'll gain the quality of analysis that covers your teams' spectrum of needs in-depth. And if I only could recommend one from this page AT LEAST, use the League Dominator.


The same format discussed above is also available from our Daily Fantasy writers. I will frequently draw upon these articles to highlight analysis that is also useful for re-draft formats. Many of these analysis pieces are customized for the variety of daily fantasy outlets that people play, including DraftKings, FanDuel, Drafting, Yahoo, and FantasyDraft.

Matt's Recommendations

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