Auction Success In a Running Back Crazy World, In Practice

A practical exercise in how to find auction success without buying the top running backs. 

So the questions that started Part 1 have been answered, but what players can you use in 2019 to enact this strategy? Keep in mind that auction targets can be serpentine targets too, but more often than not an auction target differs in one important facet: You can get that player in an auction for cheap when otherwise you wouldn’t be taking that player in a snake draft because that necessarily shuts you out from other talents at that spot in the draft. As a quick example, you may not want Tevin Coleman in a serpentine draft because you must take him in the middle of the 5th round. Players like D.J. Moore, Tyler Boyd, Allen Robinson, and Robbie Anderson are all being drafted in the same area and have fewer question marks and less bust potential. But if you could have both Coleman AND one of those receivers? That’s your sweet spot. In fact, this article argues that you can aim even higher.

For this final section, auction values are going to be expressed as an exact dollar value, but the caveat is that you must think of the values as a range and let the deals come to you. Here are some excellent targets to be looking at when executing the wide receiver heavy strategy. Ideally, you will come out of the draft with three of the top 15, or four of the top 24 wide receivers to be able to use the advantage properly. Then it’s time to have some fun and nab a top tight end.

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