ADP Risers and Fallers

A close look at ADP trends

As the summer rolls on, there will be a number of players who move up and down the ADP list. This movement can be caused by a variety of factors -- injuries, news, etc. This article will highlight some of the players who have seen significant movement over the last week and place them into one of three categories.

  1. Players on the Rise
  2. Players on the Decline
  3. Players to Note

Players on the Rise

These players have moved up the ADP list in the last week. And there's a pretty good reason for that.

RB Damien Williams, KC -- up 3 spots to 29 overall

Over the last couple of weeks, Williams' name has been brought up on various fantasy sites as a potential breakout player or as an underrated option. This movement is likely the collective fantasy world latching onto those proclamations.

QB Deshaun Watson, Hou -- up 5 spots to 41 overall

Over the last few weeks, Watson has gotten praise at major sites like ESPN and Readers are drafting him higher because of that.

WR Tyreek Hill, KC -- up 9 spots to 55 overall

Earlier in the year, there was a real concern that Hill would miss eight games or even the entire 2019 season. Recent reports have tempered expectations down to two to four games. The more we hear about a short suspension, the higher Hill will rise.

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