14 Deep Sleepers at Running Back

The Footballguys staff digs deep for sleepers at running back

A fantasy draft is all about obtaining the most value with each selection. There is value available throughout a draft, and grabbing it is one of the most important keys to a successful fantasy team. This article specifically targets deep sleeper value (players that can be found very lain a fantasy draft). In an attempt to point out this value, we asked our staff to look deeper than the Top 150 and identify players that should significantly outperform their late draft position. These players should be your targets after the 12th round of your draft.

Players Receiving 3 Votes

Mike Davis, Chicago

Will Grant: I called out Mike Davis earlier this year as a deep sleeper and training camp has only confirmed that I think his role in Chicago is much bigger than many people are expecting. Tarik Cohen is still the primary running back that you want from Chicago, especially in a PPR league. With everyone still high on David Montgomery, Mike Davis continues to go undrafted in many leagues. I think he's worth a late-round pick and is someone who could see a lot more playing time than expected right now.

Andy Hicks: When 50 running backs are being taken ahead of a guy that is likely to start for an NFL team on opening weekend, you know you have a value selection. There will be all kinds of talk about the third-round rookie David Montgomery, but third-round rookie running backs generally have flaws that quite often take a while to correct, sometimes a season or two. That makes the free-agent addition by Chicago of Mike Davis incredibly important. Davis was strong for Seattle last year when required and his dependable production will be vital for the start of the season. We’ve seen numerous times, like Ronald Jones last year in Tampa Bay, where a rookie just cannot get it together and the veteran plays all year. Davis could be one of those guys in 2019.

Jason Wood: The Bears backfield is a riddle right now, and hopefully, the preseason begins to untangle a three-headed monster of uncertainty. We can presume Tarik Cohen’s role as the change-of-pace back, and receiver on third downs is secure, which leaves a substantial role on 1st and 2nd down (and at the goal line) for either Mike Davis or rookie David Montgomery. If Davis gets the job, he's grossly under drafted. If Montgomery gets the job, Davis’ ADP makes sense. If it’s a timeshare, both are worth rostering, but you’ll have to be smart about how you slot them into your lineups. Davis proved in Seattle he can produce when given enough touches in a game script, and at his current price, he’s worth the lottery ticket until we get clarity in a month or two.

Chase Edmonds, Arizona

Phil Alexander: Backup running backs in high-octane offenses like Carlos Hyde start coming off the board in the early double-digit rounds of fantasy drafts. It makes no sense Edmonds isn't given the same consideration, even by those predicting a huge leap in offensive plays for the Cardinals. If Kliff Kingsbury gets his way, Arizona will run about 70 plays per game. Even with David Johnson getting workhorse touches, Edmonds will be called upon for six-to-eight touches per game. And if Johnson were to get hurt, Edmonds is an agility freak who would tilt leagues as the lead-runner in a paced-up offense.

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