13 Value Plays at Quarterback

The Footballguys staff finds value at the quarterback position

A fantasy draft is all about obtaining the most value with each selection. There is value available throughout a draft, and grabbing it is one of the most important keys to a successful fantasy team. In an attempt to point out this value, we asked our staff to look through the Top 150 and identify players that should outperform their draft position.

Player Receiving 7 Votes

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore

Phil Alexander: If Jackson can make any type of strides as a passer, a top-15 ranking is close to a floor projection. The Ravens did a great job in the draft surrounding Jackson with speedy, athletic players who can stress defenses in a variety of ways. Barring injury, it is a near certainty Jackson will lead all quarterbacks in rushing this season. A soft early-season schedule and full off-season of practices as the starter can only help him improve in the passing game. We can't dismiss an overall QB1 finish out of hand.

Drew Davenport: After a finish to the 2018 season that saw Jackson play seven games as a starter, score 5 rushing touchdowns, compile 556 rushing yards, and carry the ball 17 times per game, it's hard to see how Jackson still sits where he does in ADP. It's fair to question if he can keep up that pace carrying the football to make it through the year, but the Ravens have given him an upgrade at almost every skill position and he's set up to succeed. With such a depressed ADP he's being drafted below any type of floor he set last year.

Jeff Haseley: Jackson may not be a consistent weekly 200+ yard passer, but his rushing ability and ability to score make him a viable commodity in the fantasy landscape. He finished QB8 after Week 12 last year. Surprisingly, he had more fantasy points after Week 12 than Patrick Mahomes II, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers. The scary part about Jackson is that his passing game has looked markedly better in the preseason. If he can provide a decent passing game with his already potent ability to rush and score, look out.

Ryan Hester: Even as a rookie, he was the QB11 in points ger game once he took over as the starter in Week 11. With rushing yards being 2.5 times more valuable than passing yards and rushing touchdowns being 1.5 times more valuable the passing touchdowns, Jackson is a fantasy football cheat code who needs little passing production to be a fringe QB1. If he matures as a passer at all, he could tilt the fantasy football pinball machine. The best part is that even if he tanks, he was selected late enough that he’s replaceable.

Justin Howe: Fantasy players don’t have to like Jackson’s arm – or Baltimore’s passing volume – to pounce on Jackson. He finished his seven-week starting stretch as fantasy’s QB6, posting the league’s seventh-most points per opportunity. Had he not thrown a single pass, he still would have finished QB20. Some are wringing their hands over Jackson The Passer, but that’s a spectacular floor for a fantasy quarterback. “Safer” options like Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Philip Rivers bring nothing to the table in terms of rushing; they’re entirely dependent upon big volume and big efficiency to be a boon. Jackson brings a borderline QB1/2 outlook even as a bad passer – with the ceiling to finish top-six (again). He shouldn’t be discounted this heavily in fantasy.

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