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Waivers of the Future: Week 13 - Footballguys

Your guide to making preemptive waiver pickups in the context of dynasty fantasy football. 

Player value in dynasty football reminds me of watching ocean waves. They ebb and flow, always in a state of flux. Competitive dynasty players anticipate these movements before they happen and act by picking up, buying, or selling players as the situation demands. Dynasty general managers have previously been at the mercy of regular waiver segments to assist in dynasty pickups, but these fail to account for the long-term view necessary to dynasty success. This weekly column will focus on identifying assets that will help dynasty teams build for the future, as well as players that may plug a hole at a position of need on an otherwise strong squad.

Welcome to the thirteenth week of Waivers of the Future! Injuries struck again heavily in the past week, taking down several fantasy contributors such as Melvin Gordon III and Andy Dalton. There were also a few surprise inactives that came later last week after this column had been published. Mitchell Trubisky and Sam Darnold were dealing with already existing injuries but were projected to play earlier in the week. Additional information has come out since to suggest Darnold may still be a week away from returning and that Trubisky may not be a lock to suit up this week, either.

The playoffs are almost here and playoff squads likely know if they will have a bye or if they will be thrust right into the action. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to start stocking up players for the weeks you may need them. Also, it may be helpful to pick up these players to keep an opponent from using them against you. Also be aware that unless your waiver budget rolls forward to next year, you need to consider spending more aggressively in the upcoming weeks, as you have no reason to hold on to your dollar. The writer will increase budget percentages across the column to reflect this mindset.

For the next several weeks, the writer will also extend the look-ahead period for matchups through the playoffs so that you might get a better conceptualization of how valuable a player pickup may be moving forward. For players that have limited use because the starter will return to take their place, the writer will also give an estimate of how many weeks of usability they have left.


Players on this list have previously appeared in this article as pickups, but have had value spikes at points in the season that make them unlikely to be out there in your league. If they are still available and you need help contending, consider spending 30-50%+ of your budget on them.

Here are other players that have been featured in this article that are likely to be owned, but are worth only a smaller percentage of your budget.

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