Vegas Value Chart: Divisional Weekend

An early Vegas-based snapshot of the teams and positions to target in this week's DFS game slate.

Every week, the first step of your DFS homework should be to examine the opening Vegas odds on all the NFL games for that week. Through some fairly simple algebra, it is easy to derive a spreadsheet that predicts team totals for every game, thereby allowing you to develop a rudimentary gamescript to help narrow down your decisions for the week. Once the appealing (and unappealing) games have been highlighted, it becomes easier to focus upon those games to help build your core of players for that week; the caveat, however, is that the NFL is a dynamic league and anything is subject to change from Tuesday to keep that in mind as the week progresses and always monitor player injuries, weather conditions, and potential roster moves. Let's take a look.


TeamOpponentOddsTeam TotalGame TotalPassingRunningTeam Defense
Kansas City Indianapolis -5.5 31.25 57 +++ +++
New Orleans Philadelphia -8 29.25 50.5 +++ +++
LA Rams Dallas -7 28.25 49.5 +++ +++
Indianapolis Kansas City 5.5 25.75 57 + +
New England LA Chargers -4 25.5 47 + +
LA Chargers New England 4 21.5 47
Philadelphia New Orleans 8 21.25 50.5
Dallas LA Rams 7 21.25 49.5




  • Quarterback: None
  • Running Back: None
  • Receivers: None
  • Defense: None