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Examining player and team trends to identify valuable DFS options and start/sits in season-long leagues

Nearing the End

If you're still reading this and playing season-long fantasy football, congratulations on your success. Go get that championship! If you're down to DFS only, hopefully the advice below helps you win some holiday cash. Regardless, as we near the end of the season, I wanted to thank you all for reading. That's especially true to those who have been along for the ride all season.

We'll have one more column next week, but with this being the final week of "traditional" fantasy football, the thank you felt more appropriate here.

Reader's Guide

As you read, you may run into some colors in the text. Blue text is a good matchup for that team's offensive players. Red text is a bad matchup. Some other key items are below:

  • All red/blue highlighting in tables is relative to the entire NFL, even when showing only a limited number of teams.
  • All reference to fantasy points assumes DraftKings scoring rules unless otherwise specified.
  • All stats reference the full 2018 season unless otherwise specified.

This week, we'll discuss the following topics:

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Here, we'll look at how teams gain yards vs. how their opposing defense allows yards. The goal is to average the ratios of yardage allowed in order to identify which passing and rushing attacks should fare best this week.

Offensive Team PaYd% Rank Defensive Team PaYd% Rank Avg. %
Pittsburgh Steelers 76.9% 1 New Orleans Saints 76.9% 32 76.9%
Atlanta Falcons 76.1% 3 Carolina Panthers 71.1% 28 73.6%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 76.5% 2 Dallas Cowboys 70.6% 26 73.6%
Philadelphia Eagles 72.1% 6 Houston Texans 74.5% 31 73.3%
Kansas City Chiefs 73.2% 5 Seattle Seahawks 68.8% 21 71.0%
New York Giants 70.7% 10 Indianapolis Colts 69.7% 24 70.2%
Minnesota Vikings 73.5% 4 Detroit Lions 66.7% 14 70.1%
Oakland Raiders 71.2% 9 Denver Broncos 68.2% 18 69.7%
"PaYd%" = the percentage of total yards gained or allowed via passing yardage
"Rank" = where that percentage ranks (1 is highest for offenses to signal the best; 32 is highest for defenses to signal the worst)

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