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Joe's Notes: Week 2 Training Camp Summary - Footballguys

The Footballguys Training Camp Update Team and Joe Bryant take our comprehensive Footballguys Training Camp Updates and distills them down to the "Need To Know" level.

One of the best and most comprehensive features we do every year is our Footballguys Training Camp Updates. Every week in August, our Bob Henry and Jason Wood and their team of Footballguys Staffers cover every player that matters from every NFL team. It's incredible and frankly, probably worth the price of the Footballguys Season Long Pro subscription just by itself. Each edition is almost 40 pages long.

While I encourage you to read every word of every week, I also understand Life Happens. And one of the more valuable services Footballguys can add is saving you time. For this article, I had the idea of taking the comprehensive Training Camp Update and distilling it down into 80 proof shots of the Need-to-Know material. Some teams will have more news than others. Because that's how it works in real life. Much of it will be from the Camp Updates, some of it will be my takes but all of it will hopefully be useful to you. And make sure to jump on our Season Long Pro subscription to continue seeing this type of stuff all year long. And if this feature is helpful to you, shoot me an email at and let me know.

Let's get to it.

Arizona Cardinals Depth Chart Footballguys Team Report

Atlanta Falcons Depth Chart Footballguys Team Report

  • Wide receiver Julio Jones told the media that he and quarterback Matt Ryan will do more to get on the same page for red zone work.
  • Wide receivers Justin Hardy and Calvin Ridley were included in isolated route combination work in the red zone with Matt Ryan, which hopefully translates to in-season red zone looks.
  • Tight end Austin Hooper is developing chemistry with Ryan in the red zone and two-minute drills.
  • There are conflicting reports about starting linebacker Duke Riley's play that bears further monitoring.
  • Undrafted free agent running back Justin Crawford is performing well enough to earn a spot on the roster.

Baltimore Ravens Depth Chart Footballguys Team Report

  • Quarterback Joe Flacco is healthy and confident. A very different state from this time a year ago where he was recovering from a back injury.
  • In the backup quarterback ranks, Lamar Jackson played ahead of Robert Griffin III on Thursday, though Griffin still seems best suited to be the backup if a regular-season need for such contingency existed today.
  • Running back Alex Collins is being given the starter treatment – and rightfully so – with just two carries in Thursday's game; he's a key to the entire offense.
  • Michael Crabtree is the team's WR1, but John Brown is the one surprising every day in camp and distancing himself from his WR2 competition
  • The tight end group doesn't have one player head and shoulders above the rest but is showing improvement as camp progresses.

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