Rams vs Bears Single Game DFS Slate

Overview of the DraftKings and FanDuel Showcase slate for the Los Angeles Rams and Chicago Bears single game slate.

Los Angeles Rams vs Chicago Bears Single Game Slate

This article is a new feature which will break down the single-game slates on DraftKings and FanDuel guiding you which players to play and where to play them.



On FanDuel the pricing of the MVP is the same as if they are not in the MVP position. This limits the strategy as you really want to take the player that you believe is going to score the most points which is often your most expensive player or a player who has the most upside on your roster.


On DraftKings, the strategy is a little bit more complex as the players are priced at 1.5x their flex position if you play them in the captain position. This creates an intriguing strategy as while the top priced player may score the most points, it often limits you on the rest of your build. Often times, putting in a player who can have a big day but not in the captain spot will allow you to build the rest of your roster with a higher point potential.


Typically we don’t look at weather too closely, but it’s going to be a cold one which could favor the running game in this one. No wind concerns here, but it is going to be around 20 degrees at kickoff.


Todd Gurley-$17,100 DraftKings Captain, $11,400 DraftKings Flex, $17,000 FanDuel

Todd Gurley is the safest play in this game even though the matchup is a difficult one going up against a Bears defense that has been one of the best defenses in the NFL with the best front seven in the NFL. The Bears have only allowed two running backs to rush for over 100 yards this season although last week Saquon Barkley was one of the two to do so. We’ve said it time and time before that Gurley is matchup proof however as he has had 19.9 DraftKings points or more in every game except one and has gone for 28 points or more in six of his last eight games. The only issue with Gurley is that he’s extremely expensive and limits what you can do in terms of roster builds if you put him in your DraftKings Captain position.

Usable in: DraftKings Flex, FanDuel MVP, FanDuel Flex

Mitchell Trubisky- $14,700 DraftKings Captain, $9,800 DraftKings Flex, $15,000 FanDuel

Trubisky is going to be asked to do a lot in this game as the Bears run offense has been anemic for most of the season. The weakness of the Rams defense is at the linebacker position and they have shown an inability to stop running quarterbacks as we saw Russell Wilson rush for 92 yards just three weeks ago against this Rams defense. With Aqib Talib returning, it will be more difficult to throw against this defense. Trubisky presents risk as if he is hesitant to rush based on the health of his shoulder it could limit his upside.

Usable in: DraftKings Captain, DraftKings Flex, FanDuel MVP, FanDuel Flex

Taylor Gabriel- $8,400 DraftKings Captain, $5,600 DraftKings Flex, $8,000 FanDuel

Of the Bears receivers this week, Gabriel is likely to draw the most favorable matchup as Aqib Talib is going to lineup against Allen Robinson for most of this game. This is a game in which Gabriel is very happy that Trubisky is back under center for the Bears as Gabriel presents more upside with Trubisky who is willing to push the ball down the field more than what Chase Daniel was willing to do. Gabriel is at a very low price and provides a nice salary relief while still providing upside with his blazing speed.

Usable in: DraftKings Flex, FanDuel Flex

Brandin Cooks- $14,100 DraftKings Captain, $9,400 DraftKings Flex, $12,500 FanDuel

While the Bears as a defensive unit have been one of the best this season, they have struggled against receivers who have blazing speed. This is evidenced by DeSean Jackson (112 yards), Albert Wilson (155 yards 2 touchdowns), Christian Kirk (90 yards), Randall Cobb (142 yards 1 touchdown), Stefon Diggs (126 yards 1 touchdown). This is a game where Cooks is one of the fastest receivers in the NFL and should be able to cause the Bears with significant trouble this week.

Usable in: DraftKings Captain, DraftKings Flex, FanDuel MVP FanDuel Flex

Gerald Everett- $3,000 DraftKings Captain, $2,000 DraftKings Flex, $6,500 FanDuel

On DraftKings, we’re looking to save some salary as there are a number of high-priced players that are intriguing. By going with a player such as Gerald Everett would allow you to free up some salary to spend up on a player like Todd Gurley in your Captain spot without sacrificing too much. Everett is a risky play this week, but the Rams have been throwing more to their tight ends as of late as their tight ends have 17 receptions over the last three weeks. While both Everett and Tyler Higbee are in play this week, Higbee is preferable due to his red zone volume. Everett has scored three touchdowns over his last three games which if he can find the end zone he immediately hits value this week.

Usable in: DraftKings Flex, FanDuel Flex


Jared Goff- $15,000 DraftKings Captain, $10,000 DraftKings Flex, $16,500 FanDuel (too high on FanDuel)

Anthony Miller- $9,300 DraftKings Captain, $6,200 DraftKings Flex, $8,500 FanDuel (Better play on FanDuel due to price)

Rams Defense- $5,400 DraftKings Captain, $3,600 DraftKings Flex, N/A FanDuel

Jordan Howard (risky but cheap on DraftKings)- $6,900 DraftKings Captain, $4,600 DraftKings Flex, $9,000 FanDuel

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