Vikings vs Seahawks Single Game DFS Slate

Overview of the DraftKings and FanDuel Showcase slate for the Vikings and Seahawks Monday Night Football Game.

Minnesota Vikings vs Seattle Seahawks Single Game Slate

This article is a new feature which will break down the single-game slates on DraftKings and FanDuel guiding you which players to play and where to play them.



On FanDuel the pricing of the MVP is the same as if they are not in the MVP position. This limits the strategy as you really want to take the player that you believe is going to score the most points which is often your most expensive player or a player who has the most upside on your roster.


On DraftKings, the strategy is a little bit more complex as the players are priced at 1.5x their flex position if you play them in the captain position. This creates an intriguing strategy as while the top priced player may score the most points, it often limits you on the rest of your build. Often times, putting in a player who can have a big day but not in the captain spot will allow you to build the rest of your roster with a higher point potential.


Kirk Cousins-$15,300 DraftKings Captain, $10,200 DraftKings Flex, $16,000 FanDuel

Stacking Cousins with either Diggs or Thielen seems to be the way to go this week as the Seahawks surround themselves with so many different options along with a heavy running scheme that limits the stacking ability of the offense. Cousins has been up and down this year, but this is a prime matchup going up against Seattle’s secondary who have allowed quarterbacks in three of the last four games to throw for 318 or more yards including giving up 442 yards to Nick Mullens last week. The Seahawks have also allowed two passing touchdowns in each of their last six games.

Usable in: DraftKings Captain, FanDuel MVP, FanDuel Flex

Russell Wilson-$16,800 DraftKings Captain, $11,200 DraftKings Flex, $16,500 FanDuel

Wilson is going to be popular, but probably should not be in your DraftKings captain spot this week. The reason for that is that in that spot you really need incredible upside which while Wilson provides a nice floor, has only thrown for 300 yards or more once and is touchdown dependent which at that point in this format utilizing his wide receivers in the captain spot who will catch the touchdowns could be a better strategy as it allows you to better fill out your lineup. The matchup is a difficult one as he is facing one of the best secondaries in the NFL that has only allowed five passing touchdowns over the last seven weeks. For Wilson to pay off on this slate at his price, he will likely need to utilize his legs but he has only rushed for over 21 yards twice this season. He’s a safe cash game play, but in a GPP should be used with caution as there is a lot of risk and is high priced.

Usable in: DraftKings Flex, FanDuel MVP, FanDuel Flex

Stefon Diggs- $16,200 DraftKings Captain, $10,800 DraftKings Flex, $14,000 FanDuel

Stefon Diggs is in a tremendous spot this week going up against Shaquill Griffin who has been one of the worst corners in football as of late. Over the last six games, the Seahawks have allowed seven receivers to catch 89 yards or more and six of them spent significant time against Griffin. Diggs has been on fire as of late scoring a touchdown in three of his last four games and averaging 9 receptions for 92 yards. He is a high-risk play, however, as he has gone for over 90 yards this season five times and has gone under 50 yards five times.

Usable in: DraftKings Captain, DraftKingsFlex, FanDuel Flex

Tyler Lockett- $12,300 DraftKings Captain, $8,200 DraftKings Flex, $12,500 FanDuel

Lockett is going to be listed as the number one receiver this week with Doug Baldwin either playing or extremely limited this week. The reality, however, is that Lockett has been the number one receiver for most of the season. Lockett without Baldwin in the lineup will primarily play out of the slot which means he will likely have the best matchup of any receiver for the Seahawks as he’ll matchup against Mackenzie Alexander. If there is a drawback against Lockett is that his upside has not been there for a significant part of the season and is more of a high floor/low ceiling type guy which is likely not best suited at the captain/MVP spot.

Usable in: DraftKings Captain, DraftKings Flex, FanDuel MVP FanDuel Flex

Jaron Brown- $2,100 DraftKings Captain, $1,400 DraftKings Flex, $9,500 FanDuel

At Brown’s price, he is tougher to use on FanDuel but is one of the top plays on DraftKings assuming that Doug Baldwin is out. When Baldwin missed games earlier this season, Brown saw 71% of the snaps which indicates that he will be on the field for a large majority of this game. While Brown does come with high risk, he has been utilized heavily in the end zone as 5 of his 11 receptions on the season have been for a score. While it is extremely high risk to put him in your DraftKings Captain spot, if he can find the end zone, he provides significant salary relief to build a stacked lineup.

Usable in: DraftKings Captain, DraftKings Flex

Aldrick Robinson- $3,300 DraftKings Captain, $2,200 DraftKings Flex, $6,500 FanDuel

Robinson is more of a speculative play based on last week’s performance in which his price remains too low and offers a cheap option this week. Robinson saw 9 targets last week as the Vikings fell behind and went with a three-wide receiver package last week. If they fall behind again on the road this week, Robinson could see a significant role and does not need much to pay off his very low salary this week.

Usable in: DraftKings Flex, FanDuel Flex


Adam Thielen- Price is a bit too high, but still provides a nice upside. $16,200 DraftKings Captain, $7,600 DraftKings Flex, $12,000 FanDuel

Chris Carson- $11,400 DraftKings Captain, $7,600 DraftKings Flex, $12,000 FanDuel

David Moore- $7,800 DraftKings Captain, $5,200 DraftKings Flex, $9,500 FanDuel

Seahawks Defense- $5,700 DraftKings Captain, $3,800 DraftKings Flex, N/A FanDuel

Ed Dickson $600 DraftKings Captain, $400 DraftKings Flex, $6,000 FanDuel

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