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DFS Preseason Roundtable: Saturday Slate Strategies and Player Picks

Footballguys staff discussing strategies and player picks for the Saturday DFS Preseason Slate.

There are seven games on todays Preseason DFS Slate and the Footballguys staff is going to discuss strategies and player pick options based around those particular games.

Cincinnati vs Dallas -3.0 / 41.5
Tampa Bay vs Tennessee -3.0 / 41.0
San Francisco vs Houston -2.5 / 41.5
Chicago vs Denver -3.0 / 42.5
Seattle vs LA Chargers -3.0 / 39.5

Question #1 - Preseason DFS Strategy

What are some of your Preseason DFS strategies heading into Week 2? (Where do you find info, the importance of playing time and touches, backups vs starters, stacking, etc.)

Dan Hindery - Beat writers are the best source of information for preseason, since 90% of the research is into figuring out who is most likely to see the most snaps. Sigmund Bloom has a great list of beat writers that you can subscribe to on Twitter that he keeps updated. Something as simple as googling “Bears Broncos preseason” and going to the News tab is also helpful and will lead you to at least a handful of stories from local papers, team sites, and blogs with game previews that often have helpful information.

My favorite part of preseason DFS is that strategy takes a back seat to figuring out which young players are ready to prove their bona fides as NFL playmakers. Preseason is enjoyable because it is an opportunity for rookies and other inexperienced players to show they are good enough to play in the NFL and deserving of sticking around. Especially if you are a fan of following the NFL draft or college football, these are the first chances to see players in real action. The key to winning is figuring out which players are most likely to take the handful of targets or carries available to them and prove their playmaking ability. So it is fun to see someone like Dallas Goedert, who I started writing about (Devy Top 100) and following last spring, go out and make the most of his opportunities.

Phil Alexander - Dan nailed it here. Preseason DFS is less about game theory and more about figuring out who is going to be on the field. Beat writers on Twitter are your number one source. Some of them are even plugged into fantasy football and are happy to give you their best guess at which players will receive the most field time if you ask them.

Our Training Camp Reports are often useful for finding out which lower-rung depth chart players are creating the most buzz. Once you find out who they are, a Google News or Twitter search for that player typically reveals more useful nuggets on the player/team.

Week 2 is especially tricky because it's not just young guys and backups you're aiming for. Already this week, we've seen Tom Brady be one of the best quarterback plays on a slate after it was revealed earlier in the day he was likely to play the entire first half of the Patriots second preseason game. And just last night, Tyreek Hill and Christian McCaffrey were top plays at their respective positions. Our Ryan Zamichieli was on both of these guys because it was clear Kansas City and Carolina starters were going to see significant playing time.

Bottom line -- the edge in preseason DFS is information. Period. It's out there if you know where to look for it.

James Brimacombe - The old days of finding a huge edge in DFS are generally gone and even with Preseason DFS you have to be careful as many label it now as a huge potential money maker. The Preseason edge is pretty much gone in cash games as those playing in that format are likely in the same boat as you searching for all the information in all the right spots. As far as GPPs for the preseason, yes there is still a strategy as casual fans will enter those and even pick a lot of players that will not even play in the games.

I am looking on Twitter for my info and often times will search "Preseason DFS" to see what type of the latest information I can find. I also like to go to individual teams websites and see the latest news they have and often times you can find writers on their sites previewing the game and will have information from the coaches of who might play an extended role. Just like Phil mentioned as well our Training Camp Reports are full of insights as well and could help with your research on who is standing out in camp and who might get some additional playing time.

Devin Knotts - In week two, playing time becomes a little more predictable as you don't have the choppiness trying to get everyone playing time as you did in Week 1. With that said, I am typically looking at the fringe first team players or the second team players as they seemingly get the most playing time in these games. What I mean by fringe first team players are guys who are fighting to be on the first team, or are with a new team trying to establish themselves.

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