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How to approach preseason injury reports, what to make of Doug Baldwin and Sony Michel knee injuries, updates on Andrew Luck, Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffery, and much more

NOTE: During the regular season, this column is a living document through Tuesday morning. I'll be updating as needed after team press conferences, imaging reports, Monday Night Football injuries, etc. Major changes to the content will be noted in red.

Scroll to the bottom of this article for a quick look table of the week's most pressing injury situations and a review of players on injured reserve / PUP / NFI.

Footballguys will have close and detailed coverage of all injuries this season. Here's a look at my expected schedule. I will do my best to stick to this. Work and family responsibilities may sometimes cause brief delays.

Monday Injury Rounds: Posted Sunday night, updated through Tuesday AM. Detailed analysis of the week's injuries with table for quick review. Offensive injuries will be live Sunday night. Critical defensive and offensive line injuries will be added throughout the day on Monday. I'll be updating with news and analysis through Tuesday.

Midweek Injury Expectations: Posted Wednesday night and updated Thursday. Analysis of the practice participation report with a table including my projection of each injured player's likely game status. Will include discussion of any major breaking injury news.

Sunday Gameday Expectations: Posted by Saturday afternoon, updated through Sunday morning inactives. Will include individual player blurbs with detailed thoughts on the week's injury news and my speculation on player availability and limitations. Will include table highlighting each day's practice participation, official game status, and my availability expectation.

I'll also be contributing to our waiver wire podcast (Tuesday release) and our live Sunday morning pregame show (10 ET Sunday on YouTube). I will also be retweeting key pieces of news and my own reaction and analysis, so make sure you're following @JeneBramel and checking my timeline on Twitter throughout the week.


A recent tweet nailed the NFL's current injury situation perfectly. The league is now squarely in, "Please don't get hurt" season.

From January to July, updates on the league's marquee players recovering from injury were nearly uniformly optimistic. After almost 18 months of concern over Andrew Luck's throwing shoulder, he's barely a blip on the injury radar now. Although there are over 50 offensive players I'm tracking closely right now (see tables below), only four started camp on the PUP list. Just one key offensive contributor -- Hunter Henry -- entered August with an injury severe enough to keep him out of action until 2019.

Unfortunately and expectedly, the list of injury concerns is lengthening by the hour.

Derrius Guice and Deon Cain suffered torn anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs) during the first full preseason week. They will miss the 2018 season. Alshon Jeffery looks questionable for Week 1 as continues to rehab his surgically repaired rotator cuff strain. Doug Baldwin and Sony Michel have knee conditions that will significantly limit how much they can do this preseason.

Many players are missing practice time with a variety of soft-tissue injuries. And, while I recognize many of you will be drafting rosters in best-ball and season-long leagues soon, patience is key here. Without practice participation reports to reference, it can be very difficult to gauge which players have a higher-grade injury likely to keep them out multiple weeks and which players are simply getting extra days of rest.

Let's start with some deeper analysis of the league's most critical or confusing offensive player injuries. Scroll down for more comprehensive tables and early Week 1 expectations.

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