New Reality No.118: Contending Roster Management

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of dynasty fantasy football

The dynasty trade market heats up in the middle of the season as owners point towards a contending or building mindset according to their 2018 results thus far. With sample size growing for the current season, owners are more comfortable projecting roles, usage, and performance than entering Week 1 or in the early weeks. As a result, becoming more active with bolstering a playoff-caliber roster or shifting to 2019 viable options is critical. This week's edition will look at contending rosters for 2018.


The general idea behind trading as a contending dynasty team is two-fold - acquiring production for the current year but also making dynasty trades which look at multiple seasons to aid a team, not a redraft-centric approach of buying a month or two of impact. The natural win-win trade for contending teams is targeting the non-contenders by offering rookie picks and/or hopeful producers and young players for 2019 and beyond.

*All listed trades have been executed in dynasty trades in the past week and are the type of construction I would recommend to non-contending dynasty teams*


Seeking older players from a non-contending team is a tried and true trade strategy for target production. With the NFL rules shift, dynasty GMs should be less concerned with age at quarterback than ever before. Brees and Brady may very well have 2-3 more quality seasons. In my True Impact metric (accounting for production over baseline and start rate) has Brees as QB1, Brady QB5, and Rivers QB10. Here are some recent trades involving these targets:


All of them are top-20 True Impact scores with McCaffrey RB8 overall and RB8 on a per-game basis with his bye week already passed. White, and Johnson are RB9/10 in scores with Lynch and Peterson short-term bets but the weekly volume is solid and in the RB15-20 range for True Impact.


Thielen is the WR1 in True Impact, double the impact of WR15 to put things in context. Jones and Green are older, but still top options and eventually Jones has to score a touchdown, right? Kupp gets less respect in the trade market than his numbers and offense strength would indicate.


Gronkowski has been human through six games, TE3 in the True Impact metric and firmly behind Zach Ertz and Travis Kelce. However, the dominant weekly upside remains. Reed is healthy and a focal point for Washington's lagging passing game, TE9 in True Impact.

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