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New Reality No.111: Preseason Lessons Learned - Footballguys

Distilling the preseason film-watching notes into categorized dynasty takeaways

The NFL preseason is an avalanche of new information. We have been in our caves of slumber since the NFL Draft for major player value movement. Now, we get breadcrumbs of data from NFL teams - hints of players who will be kept, cut, featured, etc. Here are the key takeaways from the preseason as a whole:

Rookie Quarterbacks: They are who we thought they were

Heading into Week 1, the first-round rookie quarterbacks have all settled into what we thought back in May:

  • Baker Mayfield: Firmly behind Tyrod Taylor to start the season, looks comfortable in the pocket (poor man's Drew Brees)
  • Sam Darnold: Likely to start Week 1, play-maker traits, will likely never look conventional in how he plays
  • Josh Allen: Eye-popping arm strength, needs to be reigned in, likely to learn on the job whether a good thing or not
  • Josh Rosen: Looks the part, between Rosen and Mayfield for most comfortable in the pocket at outset, needs Sam Bradford injury early to start
  • Lamar Jackson: Dynamic runner/mover, not close to ready as a pure passer, developmental with high upside later

Day 3 Running Backs for a reason

Chase Edmonds and (maybe) John Kelly are the exceptions, but the Day 3 rookie running backs are down NFL depth charts and fighting for roster spots more than 1A/B early roles.

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