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IDP Stat Crews Under the Microscope - Footballguys

Delving into the oft-ignored edge you can gain in IDP leagues by analyzing stadium stat crews.

In any venture, it is crucial to identify, and properly make use of, any edges you can find. IDP fantasy football is at the best of times a bucking bronco and at the worst a hurricane of statistics, scheme changes and injuries. If you feel comfortable in this maelstrom of data, one more edge towards a championship isn’t going to hurt, is it?

Enter the wonderful world of stadium stat crews, the keepers of fantasy points for our star IDPs and a group we often ignore – to the detriment of our weekly point totals. This article will delve into this murky aspect of IDP leagues, expanding on TVO and attempting to discern patterns in how solo and assisted tackles are awarded.

An explanation of TVO (Total tackles versus opportunity)

In essence, TVO is a useful metric that allows us to crystallize in a single number the total tackles awarded by a stadium stat crew compared to the tackle opportunity. The metric can be further separated into SVO (solo tackles awarded per opportunity) and AVO (assists per opportunity), but the most actionable form for IDP fantasy football enthusiasts is the TVO.

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