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The Gut Check No.463: Five Running Backs I'm Targeting in Dynasty Leagues

Matt Waldman kicks off a series on players he's targeting in various dynasty leagues.  

It's the most wonderful time of the year. If you're thinking about the playoffs in re-draft leagues, that's understandable but you'd be wrong. It's time that this column can focus on dynasty formats.

If you missed the Gut Check's look at stretch-run candidates, sneaky playoff options and valued players who could face troubling times in December, you now have the links for your re-draft needs.

For the next month, this column will profile five players at each position that should be targeted in various dynasty formats. Each player will fit a specific situation that is common in dynasty formats:

  • Anchors: This is a premium value talent with a supporting cast that can help him deliver multiple years of elite production at the position (no worse than a top-12 player and a great opportunity for top-3 value).
  • Fine Wines: Older talents that can deliver starter production for at least another year or two at a reduced cost in the ageist world of dynasty leagues.
  • Emerging Forces: These players have earned playing time but have only scratched the surface of their top value.
  • Futures: Young talents who have the skills but are waiting for an opportunity to put them on display.
  • Rookies: College players who are eligible for the 2019 NFL Draft.

Two other tiers of players you can also classify are "starters" and "contributors." The definitions are self-explanatory once you understand that neither tier has players that you believe have elite production potential. We won't include them for this series.

Before we get to these five running backs, a short conversation about dynasty strategy is in order.

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