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The Gut Check No.455: Sneaky Goods And Patience Plays

Matt Waldman lists good fantasy options who haven't started strong but will finish strong. 

The sense of urgency that football and football media instills in the game trickles down to fantasy football. There are times when urgency is essential, but it can cross the line into reactionary behavior.

Fantasy players often panic when they lose multiple games within the first six weeks of the season. What they don't realize is that impatience is a bigger driver of their failures as bad September production. They either overreact and give up on good players or stop trying to make their team better and do the minimum to retain consideration as an active owner when they've really checked out weeks prior.

One to three players can be the difference between a sub-.500 record and a playoff team in most fantasy leagues. Translating that difference to your fantasy team requires three things:

  • Differentiating between short-term slow starts and a season-long disappointment among players on your roster.
  • Staying abreast of players on your waiver wire and determining who can truly help your team.
  • Recognizing trades that will help you more than hurt you.

This article won't give you the definitive answers, but it will highlight players who should help you make wiser decisions in all three areas. The players below are either slow starters who should sneak up on the rest of your league because they'll overcome the fantasy deficit or they are younger options to make that speculative addition on the cheap because they have the talent and a promising situation to deliver if called upon.

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