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Roundtable Week 3 - Footballguys

Our Footballguys panelists discuss the Josh Gordon trade, which players who could be one fantasy team's trash or treasure, and a second round of "For Real/Fool's Gold." 

The Josh Gordon deal is a big enough topic that we'll break it down into sections. Next, we'll examine a variety of players who our staff believes (or doubts) can redeem themselves after a bad start. We'll end the roundtable with another round of players who've been pleasant surprises early and whether we should believe in their long-term viability.

Let's roll...

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The Patriots-Browns Trade of Josh Gordon

Matt Waldman: What are your general thoughts on this deal?

Jason Wood: Wow...

Bob Henry: Eeeee! (Gulp...)

Joe Bryant: It's a great move by New England and makes total sense to me. Patriots thinking they can get the most out of a guy.

Sigmund Bloom: Eagles might be kicking themselves that they didn't give this a shot with their needs and a strong culture. Maybe they can make an offer for DeVante Parker.

Wood: I would have been beside myself if the Eagles brought him in, Sigmund.

Bloom: I understand, but they should take the Pats' approach of calculated risks and betting on their culture, organization, and coaches to get the most from players.

Alessandro Miglio: As I was saying, he was a hold for me throughout this entire weekend's drama.

Bryant: I'm fascinated by your reaction, Jason. Why would you be beside yourself?

Wood: Aside from the immense risk he never sets foot on a football field again at a moment's notice? Football truly is a team game and the Eagles won in part last year because they genuinely liked each other and bought into the coaching philosophy.

Each piece you bring in that's not part of the equation has an exponential impact on degrading that foundation they've built. It's like buying into a lottery ticket upside in exchange for a track record of self-destruction that unintentionally pulls others around him into the void.

Bryant: I am baffled by the "beside myself" reaction or the indignation from folks that their team is "above" bringing in such a "miscreant" as Gordon. I don't think Gordon is a bad guy at all.

Dallas taking in Greg Hardy was one thing. I was fine with Michael Vick going to the Eagles, but I could understand how people might not be. I don't see Gordon's issues in the same range of any of those.

He might not work out in New England, but I see the risk as minimal and am fascinated at the shunning I see from some reacting to his potential arrival to their team before New England made the deal.

B.J. VanderWoude: I have the same reaction, Joe. I think if he were a guy who created a toxic environment within the locker room, the Browns would not have put up with everything they have.

I think that Cleveland is trying to turn the corner now and don't want to see anything fester, but we haven't heard a single teammate come out and bash him the way other teams did after their running back didn't report. I also don't think he can be any more of a distraction than Edelman being suspended for PED use, Brady being suspended (ridiculously), or Belichick costing his team draft picks.

Gordon has done little to earn any benefit of the doubt that those guys but the Patriots have a tight operation and it means Gordon will either be a guy who can help them or he won't be there long. He won't be a guy who will distract them from their goals.

Bryant: Totally this...

Wood: I'm on the other side. The excuses people make for freakish athleticism astound. Although I cannot fathom how anyone can conclude that Gordon is anything but a potential distraction and letdown in the making, as odd as this sounds, my view doesn't preclude this from being a move worth making for the Patriots.

It's such a unique organization in the NFL that it can afford to bring Gordon in. I still think it's more likely he'll to be off the roster in a month than becoming a huge playmaker for them all year. His behavior is cancerous to a team.

Bryant: Have you seen evidence that Gordon is a "cancer?" That's what I'm scratching my head over.

Wood: Absolutely. Let's review what we know.

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