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Roundtable Week 2 - Footballguys

In the aftermath of Fantasy Football Week 1, our panelists weigh-in on who is for real or Fool's Gold, dissect nettlesome backfield combinations, and separate the difference between a great week and a great year.

Let's examine what we think of players with the preseason over and the season ahead.

Let's roll...

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For Real/Fool's gold

Matt Waldman: Explain which end of the spectrum you fall on these Week 1 performers.

We're making these calls based on fantasy value, not talent. Still, feel free to comment on talent and skill if you wish.

Daniel Simpkins: Ryan Fitzpatrick is for real. Fitzpatrick has been around the league for a while, so we have some previous data points with which to work. We’ve seen him play well and get off to hot starts before. He remains one of the better backups in the league and is working with an above-average set of pass catchers.

Do I believe that he’ll erupt for four or five scores in a week again this year? It’s unlikely, but I do believe he is a serviceable option if you are desperate for a quarterback. This week’s matchup against Philadelphia is probably not one I would actively seek to use him in, but his next draw against Pittsburgh would seem to be favorable based on what I saw out of their defense in week one.

Jason Wood: Stop the ride, I want to get off! As a fellow Ivy Leaguer, I’ve always had love for Ryan Fitzpatrick, but his performance against the Saints was as unpredictable as the weather at the turn of seasons. Fitzpatrick is not an unknown commodity. He’s 35 years old, was a seventh-round draft pick back in 2005, and has played for seven teams. Believe it or not, he has four top-20 seasons under his belt, including two QB1 seasons (12th with Buffalo in 2011, and 11th with the Jets in 2015).

The Buccaneers skill players are immensely talented, and Fitzpatrick has at least two more games under center – and may keep the job over Jameis Winston if he keeps playing this well. However, we’ve seen enough from Fitzpatrick to know Week 1 was an anomaly, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a viable contributor in superflex or two-quarterback leagues. VERDICT: Sell as the No. 1 fantasy quarterback, Buy as a fringe QB2.

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