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Ultimate Strength of Schedule - Footballguys

An overview of the 2018 strength of schedule

The advantages offered by the Ultimate Strength of Schedule (USOS) when compared to traditional SOS displays are numerous and include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Fantasy Points Driven
    Fantasy football is all about scoring fantasy points, so USOS is based on fantasy points.
  • Removed Bias Of Schedule
    Consider the following scenario: Defense A faced the 16 best offenses while Defense B faced the 16 worst offenses. If both defenses allowed opposing quarterbacks to average 300 fantasy points last season, are they equally strong? Of course not; Defense A is far superior as they faced much better offenses. This bias of schedule has been removed from USOS.
  • Positional Breakdown
    If you are looking for a running back, it's much more relevant to see SOS data for running backs (rather than simply rushing data).

Quick Links to Each Positional Page

Far more detail including a week-by-week look at each team's schedule. These are only available to subscribers.

The Coloring of the Values

The green values indicate that the team has one of the eight (seven during the bye weeks) best values in that column.Green was chosen because you can go ahead and take players on that team. The yellow values indicate that the team has one of the eight (seven during the bye weeks) worst values in that column. Yellow was chosen because you should use caution before selecting players from that team.

(Note: a green / red combo was considered but some people are color blind between those two colors.)

  • Green is a team with a good schedule
  • Yellow is a team with a bad schedule

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