DFS Roundtable: Offenses to Avoid

The DFS team discusses the poor NFL offenses and which to avoid in DFS going forward

Poor offenses abound after two weeks of games where the game script can derail even strong talents.

Who are you most concerned about going forward considering the DNA of their offense?

Phil Alexander: David Johnson's usage by new Arizona offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is the most mystifying development in fantasy football through two weeks. Head coach Steve Wilks promised to find more creative ways to get Johnson the ball in space moving forward, but the fact there was ever another game plan for the Cardinals inspires zero confidence. Unless McCoy is fired or we see some evidence he can adapt his scheme to his talent, Johnson barely warrants low exposure in GPPs, regardless of how far his price drops.

Justin Howe: David Johnson is probably the best example, but I'm similarly worried about Dalvin Cook. I should be giddy over his home matchup with a Bills run defense that's simply given up, but I'm wary. Cook has wheezed to just 78 ground yards in 2 favorable matchups; he doesn't look like a cut-loose runner just nine months removed from his ACL tear. Latavius Murray, on the other hand, does, and as much as I love Cook, I have to admit that a timeshare is what the doctor has ordered. Cook's heavy usage in the passing game has kept him from the DFS doghouse thus far, but I'd like to see him erupt on the ground before I spend the opportunity cost to roster him. He's still priced similarly to Melvin Gordon III and James Conner, after all.

Please don't get me wrong: Cook is a fine Week 3 play against the pitiful Bills, and a great GPP cross-up against the top-salaried, highest-played guys. But I see the downside pretty blatantly right now.

James Brimacombe: I am with Phil on this one that David Johnson is the name that comes to mind right off the bat. The Cardinals offense looks really bad and Johnson is suffering because of it. Johnson is the most talented player on the Cardinals and they continue to have no game plan based around getting the ball into his hands.

The Titans offense is another that some predicted to have an outbreak this year and after two weeks their offensive playmakers have been non-existent. This seems to be more of a slow start and one that can be turned around as Marcus Mariota gets healthy and more creative playcalling from the coaches.

Dan Hindery: While running backs like David Johnson and LeSean McCoy are justifiably causing concern, there are also some prominent passing games which look worrisome. The New York Giants are near the top of the list. The Giants are facing a mediocre Houston pass defense in Week 3 but still have a team total of just 18 points. With so many talented weapons, the lack of scoring from this offense has to be a massive concern. Even Odell Beckham Jr Jr., who has seen a whopping 24 targets so far, is averaging under 12 PPG (FanDuel scoring). It is even more dire for the secondary options. Sterling Shepard is averaging under 5 PPG. Prior to a garbage-time drive at the end of Week 2, Evan Engram had also been a fantasy non-factor. With horrible pass protection and a shaky Eli Manning at the helm, this Giants pass offense may severely underperform going forward.

Chad Parsons: LeSean McCoy is a clear avoid player as the only *potentially* viable Buffalo fantasy option. With a rib injury and perpetual negative game script where Marcus Murphy and Chris Ivory play heavy snaps, McCoy is an 'avoid until further notice' player. Goal line opportunities will be minimal and even then Chris Ivory offers more in the power run game than McCoy.

Will Grant: Add me to the list of people who will be avoiding David Johnson for the near future. The Cardinals have scored just six points in two games and didn’t cross midfield last week. Johnson has massive talent, but on this team he’s going to be criminally held back. If he salary craters over the next few weeks, I might sneak him into a tournament in case he scores a touchdown but for now, I’m completely fading him. That goes for anyone else on the Arizona offense, including Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk and Ricky Seals-Jones.

Ezekiel Elliott is averaging 4.6 yards per carry so far this season, but the injuries on the Dallas offensive line have me worried if Elliott will ever be more than a cash-game fill in. Depending on the opponent, Elliott may be more or less successful, but the lack of serious passing threat from the Cowboys means Elliott is going to face a lot of 7 and 8 man fronts. He’ll see plenty of volume touches which will make him a decent fantasy back, but not enough for him to be a tournament play.

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